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i'm nova.
xbox: garlicponcho
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i just write dumb journals and skim through the piles of art in my message box nowadays 
the neglect is real 
Stolen from GoneViral

bcus why not

-Characters can refuse or accept Dares
- If characters refuse the dare they have to answer a question of your choice (basically a Truth)
- Dares can be anything, as ridiculous as you want them
- Characters from different storylines/timelines CAN interact with each other 
- You can Dare my char to interact with YOUR char
- You can send more than one Dare
- You can send a Dare through a note and I will make it anonymous, otherwise I will put usernames next to each response picture

- Romantic/sweet (This IS February after all)
- Violence-related (punching... other stuff... you get the idea)
- Dangerous (Slapping a bear, tightroping IDGAF)
- Tame (??? scaring birds?? omg i dont think ive ever seen a tame dare but if you can think of one go for it)
- illEGAL (sure why not)
- Silly (crab-walking through a crowd of people making myself laugh with these examples )
- anything your heart desires honestly its valentines time do what you like, really |D

Honestly this is what the 'Refuse' option on the dares is for XD

Have a question about the rules? Ask me in a note!


I'm the worst when it comes to posting my ocs so instead you can pick a color, each one corresponds to a different character (lazy list). You can pick more than one to interact with each other etc, or not. Oo it's like a surprise. \(o o)/

- Orange (m) 
- Green (f)
- Purple (m)
- Pink (f)
-Black (m)
-Cyan (f) 
- Gold (f) (from a game universe so) 
-Blue (m)
- Red (m)
-Indigo (f)
- Tan (f)
-Brown (m)

left out a couple but this is the bulk of it i think 

Deadline  for all dare requests is February 13th! (<--- idc this is just casual for me) 
All of the Dare pictures will be posted on Valentines Day! 
Art Trade: Coffinlimbs by GarlicPoncho
Art Trade: Coffinlimbs
art trade w/ Coffinlimbs of their oc fara. 
first drawing w/ my tablet in almost a year \( o p o )/ 
hope this is ok 
i just wanted to formally apologize my absence here on dA. i've been around but just haven't been posting etc...

my life is sorta in a tough place right now. i've been struggling with my mental illnesses (but i'm getting meds and possibly returning to therapy soon so that should improve soon!) 

i also live with my dad, and my sister and i have to depend on him for a lot of things because we still don't have our driving licenses (though we COULD already have it by now lmao) but he's had a lot of health issues in the past and more recently been diagnosed with a bone cancer that's spread out in several places around his body and naturally this is taking a huge toll on him and he can barely move around when it's at its worst. it's also incurable, but luckily it doesn't kill people immediately, it's more of a "lets try to prolong the inevitable as long as we can" cancer. so yeah that sucks, and because his is so severe my whole life sort of wavers in the balance and if anything was to happen to him i'd probably have to move to ny to stay with my mom.

rn, it's hard to get where i need to be for extra curricular activities and just taking a break to hang out with friends and stuff like that. 
so basically it's been hard juggling school work, my own mental struggles, and then home life altogether. 
i hope this comes off as a valid excuse and not like some whiney my life sucks bullcrap. 
so i hope you guys have a better understanding of what's up! i still love all of you and wanna be your friend lol. 

and again, i'll be posting stuff on my art blog:
i just write dumb journals and skim through the piles of art in my message box nowadays 
the neglect is real 

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